CONIO  2.1
CONIO Documentation

Borland-style CONIO implementation for MinGW/Dev-C++. Homepage

Send any improvements to this library to me, I'll do new release of this devpak.

For the example of use, look at example in the Examples\conio\conio_test.c subdirectory of your Dev-C++ directory. It's simple:

  1. Include conio2.h.
  2. Link with libconio.a (add -lconio parameter to linker).

Functions defined already in MinGW's conio.h

conio2.h automatically includes conio.h. It also provides several #defines so you can use all these functions without underscores.

char* _cgets (char*);
int _cprintf (const char*, ...);
int _cputs (const char*);
int _cscanf (char*, ...);
int _getch (void);
int _getche (void);
int _kbhit (void);
int _putch (int);
int _ungetch (int);
int getch (void);
int getche (void);
int kbhit (void);
int putch (int);
int ungetch (int);

About the makefile: The makefile is written for gcc and GNU make. The "all" target passes -m32 option to the gcc. The "all64" target passes -m64 option to the gcc.

Hongli Lai hongl.nosp@m.i@te.nosp@m.lekab.nosp@m.el.n.nosp@m.l
tkorrovi on 2002/02/26.
Andrew Westcott
Michal Molhanec
 Changes in 2.1 (2013-12-05 MM):
     clreol() fix (clear also the color attribute)
     new functions clearkeybuf(), delay(), switchbackground()
       and flashbackground()
     gettext & puttext code simplified
     64bit targets in the makefile
 Changes in 2.0:
    make library aware of console window size
    make library aware of console window position in console buffer
    added support for UNICODE Win32 API
    added constream-like manipulators for C++
    implemented highvideo(), insline(), lowvideo(), movetext(), normvideo(),
      gettextinfo(), getpass(), cputsxy(), putchxy(), inittextinfo()
    fixed delline()